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Biotech Without Borders is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to democratizing the practice of biotechnology for useful and peaceful purposes in order to benefit humankind and the planet. Biotechnology is the world's most sophisticated and versatile manufacturing system, harnessing the natural biological processes that have taken millions of years of evolution. Starting in the 1970s we have used this technology to edit the DNA of microbes, plants, animals and humans to produce life-saving medicines, new biomaterials, drought-resistant crops, and new therapies for animal and human diseases. 

We believe that engaging the end users- all of us- in biotech through actual participation is the best way to ensure a greater future for us all.  Shouldn't something this valuable be practiced worldwide, by the most diverse array of practitioners? An important part of our mission is to enable the hands-on practice of biotechnology by communities, groups and countries hitherto underrepresented in the biotech landscape.

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A curated collection of DNA standard parts, not under patent and ready to tinker with.


Support for NYC public school teachers in the form of donated enzymes and reagents, low cost supplies, and mentoring.

lab memberships

Low-cost access to a professional biolab for entrepreneurs, hobbyists and educators.

classes & events

Laboratory classes in biotechnology, synthetic biology and tissue culture that are accessible and open to the public.






Biotech Without Borders was founded in 2017 by people passionate about the potential for DNA science to change the world for the better. As educators, scientists and parents, we wanted to create an organization focusing on supporting groups traditionally underrepresented in sciences. We strongly believe that true science literacy is best achieved though hands-on engagement in research activities. Biotech Without Borders provides access to facilities, supplies and mentorship, and engages in activities aimed at raising public awareness of the positive potential of biotechnology




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