Congrats to the Brooklyn Bluebloods for their Bronze Medal at iGEM 2018!

brooklyn bluebloods: our 2018 igem team

Our Brooklyn BlueBloods iGEM team members are a group of diverse students from local inner-city high schools and colleges who come from groups traditionally underrepresented in the scientific community.  

The iGEM competition  is a unique experience that offers students with the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge biotechnology research that may have important bio-medicinal applications.   Such research is usually beyond the means of city high schools and colleges, and for most of our students this is the first opportunity they will have had to lead their own research project in a professional laboratory.

Learn about our project to find an alternative to a biomedical test that uses the blue blood of horseshoe crabs, endangering this 350 million-year-old species.

Every year, the iGEM competition culminates with a “Jamboree.”  This 4-day event at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston provides students who have worked year-round on their projects the chance to present their research in a collaborative space, compete against other teams, make professional contacts with the members of over 300 teams from 80 countries, and have their work assessed by a team of experts in synthetic biology. 

Please help us get there! 

As you can imagine, such endeavors are extremely costly.   Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to cover the cost of lab supplies; travel, food and lodging, and other project expenses.  All gifts are tax deductible.