Lab Memberships


what would you explore/invent/create if you had access to a professional biolab?

Biotech Without Borders aims to make the practice of biotech accessible to everyone. Some just want a  brief experience, but others may want to develop a project or conduct an exploration of their own. Our lab is more than just a teaching space- it's a community of individuals following their passion for science. Join us and experience the fun and thrill of research in our lab.

who can become a member?

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a member as long as their project is approved for safety by Biotech without Borders.  At this time we are not accepting projects involving pathogens. Members are expected to follow the DIYbio Code of Ethics and treat the space and other members with respect and consideration. To apply for membership, email with a project description or reason why you need labspace, including all chemicals and organisms you plan to work with. 

what do memberships include?

All lab members have 24/7 access to lab facilities and equipment. Our current equipment includes PCR machines, DNA/RNA/protein gel electrophoresis rigs, centrifuges, analytical balance, vortex mixers, microwave, still hood, fume hood, plate reader, luminometer, autoclave, water baths, dry incubator, 4C/-20C/-80C and liquid N2 storage, and pipettors. BSL2 class members have access to our tissue culture facility with CO2 incubator and Class II biosafety cabinet. All members have access to some free and reduced cost lab supplies, including gloves, pipette tips, plates, tubes, etc.

do i get my own lab bench?

No, all facilities at Biotech Without Borders are shared. But unlike an incubator space, all equipment is supplied as well as some lab consumables.

How much do memberships cost?

The cost of a regular lab membership is $100/month. BSL2 memberships are $200/month and you must be trained in safe cell culture techniques.